Blame it on the full moon…

I’m not sure why this week I haven’t written… or frankly scheduled anything that even was half written… other than to blame it on the full moon. Or maybe Hurricane Irma (yes, I know I’m in Michigan… but that can’t mean I’m not fascinated and awed by hurricanes) or thinking about my friends in Houston dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

The reality is that even though I had a rest-filled Labor Day weekend, where I literally did nothing but eat, read, sleep, eat, read, sleep, eat, see my family, read, sleep… you get the picture. I really never opened my computer once.

Not that that isn’t an excuse of great proportions. I have the app on my phone that allows me to post from there. Which is what I’m using right now.

So that means I’ve just been lazy.

And maybe because of the (I’m not sure how long it’s been since I’ve blogged consistently) regular posting, I just needed to scale myself back.

I really don’t know.

What I do know is that this week has been exhausting for me… and it’s only (or maybe I should say finally?) Thursday morning. Last night I was able to get a good/full night’s sleep… so hopefully that means that as soon as I’m done writing this I will “pop” (or if you really know me and my morning person habits, slug/drag/roll) out of bed with gusto, and get to work early, clean off my desk and organize my brain again.

Sooooo, rather than blaming the full moon for all the crazy antics that have happened so far, I’m just going to start over fresh and see if I can pick up the pieces and get it all back in order.

Because every once in a while, that’s all you can do. Just give yourself a fresh start.


Edited to add: I can’t believe I misspelled “hurricane” when I initially published it. So if you judge me over that… well, just know that it was pre-caffeine and I was typing on my phone. 🙂