Commercials… Commercials…

In the last 3 days I have been watching more tv than usual. Because I am home from work, relaxing, cleaning and just catching up on alot of things, I really like to have the background noise of the tv while I am doing these things.

With the networks I have been watching, I have noticed these commercials focus on one of two things this time of year. The first is losing weight, the second is finding love. I have seen countless commercials for Weight Watchers, Jenny Criag, Alli, eDiets, and numerous other programs. Then…

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New Year… No Limits

On Saturday, I decided that I wanted to share my goals for 2008 here… so I decided I had to come up with some.

My 2008 “Goals”:

– Run a 5k.
– Travel to a place I have never been before (or 2).
– Make an effort to see friends I haven’t seen in a while.
– Achieve my Weight Watchers Lifetime Goal.
– Pass 2 of my Certified Financial Planning courses.

But then yesterday, I began to think why do we set goals that have limits? Ok, I want to lose “x” amount of pounds…

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Holiday Struggles… and just plain bad choices

So it has taken me about four days to write this post and really come to terms with what I did to myself over the past week. Yes… one week.

Let me start from the beginning…

With all of my accomplishments in the past year, I really thought taking a week “off” the Weight Watchers plan would not affect me greatly. Yeah, I knew I would make some bad choices, but overall… I thought I would be ok. But then came the nibble mix (and all of it’s salty goodness) and grandma’s peanut butter balls. And don’t…

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What’s your “happy” weight?

I just found a link to a story on Glamour’s website showing a feature of women who lost or gained (really!) weight to become their own ideal.

After looking over this story, I remembered a feature I saw on one of those TV magazines (Extra, Insider?)… you know the ones that feature the stars and what they are up to. (Just for full disclosure, I don’t normally watch these, it was on at the healthclub while I was working out). I didn’t actually hear the story, but it…

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